Benefits That Counted When I least Expected

Meridio Team

By: Bill Bayonne NJ

Contributing: Jen Taylor TX

For the first 10 years of my career I had access to benefits through my employer.  I have always participated in health, dental and life offered by my employer to cover my entire family.  My family has been blessed with good health over the years.  After years of working for the same company, I decided to be my own boss and go out on my own.  I was always successful and saw an opportunity to more than triple my income and took advantage of the situation.

My health plan was not on the forefront of my mind as I started my new business. I was very excited about this opportunity and was working tirelessly to make my company a success. I participated in my ex-employer’s plan through COBRA as the months followed.  All was going well and felt like I was on top of the world.  Then I discovered the benefits I was utilizing, were going to expire. So I went to the marketplace in search of something comparable. I am a college educated accountant and have always had health insurance, so  I was confident I could make a good decision for myself and my family.    

The prices were much higher than I realized, and the benefits were confusing.  The “best” plan I could find with good coverage, was over $1,000 a month and ALL my benefits went through the is that the best? That meant there was a $600 deductible before my office visit would  even be covered!  I could not find a dental plan or vision plan, but at least my family would have the best health coverage available… or so I thought.

A few months later, on a family vacation in Florida my 15-year-old son slipped and fell running around the pool.  We immediately took him to get it examined, and even checked with the doctor that they were in network with our insurance carrier. At the appointment, we discovered his arm was broken and proceeded with the recommended treatment. After the x-rays and cast, we expected a decent bill, but were thankful we  had the best coverage. We later received a bill from the doctor showing that our insurance did not cover ANY of the charges.  As imagined, we were outraged and called the insurance company to have it out with them.  It turns out that we did not have the full network of doctors, only a small “sub network” of doctors in our state only. So out of state since we didn’t live in Fl, meant out of network for us.

A few months later my professional trade association announced they were now offering health benefits.  I was skeptical at first, but very interested.  I reviewed the options on their website and made an appointment with one of their benefits guides.  I was blown away!  I was able to buy a national PPO with the full network of doctors, a dental, vision and was even educated on additional coverages to protect out of pocket costs.  I finally had the benefits my family needed.  I am thankful to my association, Meridio for helping me protect my family with the coverages I am able to use.

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